Xikwri Neyrra - Another kind of medicine

by Wachuma Records

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Chants 07:47
Forgiveness 10:21


Dedicated to anyone passing through rough times of any kind…
AKOM will assist you against mental noise and spiritual aches. It helps you earning control over your heart beat and your emotions in order to find inner peace at least for a brief moment. Let the frequencies work for you.
1. Sacred Space: Find your place. Do your ritual. Ground yourself and open a protecting bubble.
2. La Danza Animal: Rouse your spirit animal by dancing and become one with it. Gain the necessary power and protection for the journey ahead.
3. Chronos’ Return: Tic Toc, 28 years. Time! Oh time!
Don't worry about time, be patient, but hurry up, never give in!
Plant a seed; watch it grows a tree, what did you harvest in the end?
Phases, lapses, periods… Hours, minutes, seconds, unstoppable fractals of the eternal.
Time is the master, the healer, the never-ending river.
Time is the teacher, the guru, the wise man who comes with a lesson to learn.
Time is Saturn, Chronos and Odin.
4. New Moon in Aquarius: Sometimes we have to let go of people, groups, situations, things. In spite of hurting we must learn detachment. "Pain doesn't exist to make you suffer, but to make you understand."
5. Chants: "Music for him is an offering to God, an act of worshipping".
Sing a song to God, sing about your joy and sorrow and watch the darkness fades away into the light.
6. Lupus Cantabo: "Luna, luna dame una tuna, porque la que me diste se me cayó a la laguna".
The singing of the Wolf: Sing for the Moon, sing for the phases, sing your fears in the middle of the night and howl! - Mother is watching from above, with her silver mirror reflects all the love.
"There, there, my child don't fear,
Because I always your prayers hear.
Fear and hate are just an illusion,
Break the spell, spiritual implosion"

7. Self-Awareness: I stop and listen... I listen to my mental noise. Yes, it's loud. Isn't it? I take a look inside. Yes, it's Dark. Isn't it? It's time to look in the silver mirror, look that person in the eye. Is that me? Is that the wrong concept and image of myself? Was that created by external factors? Is that fear of my own? Or it was passed by like a curse?
I shall break the illusion! I shall break it now...!
8. Another Kind Of Medicine: A heavy auditory healing session. The storm that precedes the calm…
The cusp of our Journey, that's what we are here for. See how the dark comes out and shatters into thousands of fractals towards the light back to the source.
9. Forgiveness: Forgive and forget yourself. Forgive and forget your roots. Forgive and forget who has ever hurt you.
"I forgive myself for I have sin.
I forgive my family for they have sin.
I forgive them for they have sin."
So be it!
Especial thanks to:
The Great Fractal, holy Sun, mother Moon, and sacred Daughter. Mom, thanks for so much support. My teachers Gustavo and Gil thank you for so much knowledge and love given.
Thank you so much Swaroop for the super art. Thank you Fer for the text revision. Thanks to all my gord@s from Lisergica 25/Twenty-Five records, Pleiadian Records, and Acidmaniacs Records. You know who all you are maniacs!
Thanks to all my friends all over the world: Tibu, RIP and shine! Che, Motta and Daniela, Paulo Enge, The Mafferetti twins, Helder and Dominic. Bernd: love and light in your ascension. David, Itzia and kids, love you gordos, Vic Entheos, Bubu, Canibal and Paulina, Gordos from Sectio Aurea thank you guys! Greg on Earth and Greg Mubali, miss you guys! Alex Urias, Sr. Mutex, Nexus, Shiango, Alex, Alan Macías, Rafa, Emilio Ramos, Beito Dementia/Kunaro, Rafa and Becky, Peter Pain, Yoshua E.m, Shavadelic, Foti, Kabra + family, El siete and all "prepa 11" crew, Darq and Julian Kailash, Jessica, Fido and the nicest baby, Axis Mundi, Peter Herbert Quain (thanks so much, man!), Aly Fiesta and the gals, Matías and Nico Megalopsy, Egnogra, and so many more... Jesus! I don't forget you guys!
If you are reading this, thank you, yes, you! Sitting anywhere in the world! I love you! Never give up! Although times are rough, please, don't give up!
And very, very, very especial thanks and love to Wachuma Records; Biggie and Bror for making this possible to manifest!
This is for and to all of you!


released August 8, 2019

Special thanks to Xikwri Neyrra for creating this magical album.
Mastered by David Chaim Cohen at Xexify Studios, xexify.com
"a.k.a. the Dog of Tears"
And of course thanks to Swaroop/Sanathana (SGDesign)

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Wachuma Records is an Independent label, dabbling in Forest, Darkpsy & Psycore music since 2017.

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